Survivalcraft T-Rex and Orca Spawner mod

I’ve found two new exciting mods in the vk mod community. The first mod is the T-rex mod! It adds a tyrannosaurus rex in the game using the rhino spawn egg. Sounds scary for playing in challenging mode and seeing a t-rex



The second mod is something I’m sure EVERYONE in Survivalcraft has wanted before. It’s the orca whale spawner mod. It adds orca spawn eggs into the game so you can spawn an orca in your pool anytime instead of searching far out in the ocean.


Orca Whale mod Android download:

T-Rex mod Android download:

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I almost forgot! I started building in Kaalus City some more and I’ve made a giant hand built lake with a giant bridge.

Survivalcraft 2014-11-13 22-31-42-

Survivalcraft 2014-11-23 19-30-14-

Survivalcraft 2014-11-23 19-29-54-

Here comes a spooky easter egg. While I was diving in the deep reefs of the Kaalus City lake I saw a crashed ufo! 🙂

I took a picture of the crashed spacecraft and left as fast as I could. Here is the picture. Maybe you can find where the spacecraft is in the deep lake. I saw creepy lights on the inside.

Survivalcraft 2014-11-13 21-15-36-


Happy Birthday Survivalcraft!

I believe November 11, 2011 Survivalcraft was published on Google Play for the first time! I decided to build a giant birthday cake (with a chocolate chip cookie :P) in Kaalus City! Keep up the good work Kaalus.

Survivalcraft 2014-11-11 20-05-49-

By the time you are reading this, you will have realized that the blog has changed its name to “Space Titan Studios”. I think the name of the game “Space Titans” sounds retro he-he! 😛

Animated Trailer

I’ve been working all week on an animated trailer video for Arnovia 2-D to upload on Youtube. I don’t know if the video will look good or even work. I’m making it with c++. I should be working on the actual game than making videos but I think it’ll be fun to do! The video will have the music ” Arnovian Legend ” by Maggieblue9259.

Survivalcraft seems to be getting action again with the new animal behaviors. Keep your animals safe because the predators will be on the hunt. That video gave me the idea of building an animal gladiator arena where animals are forced to fight to the death. >:)

Arnovia Maps

I haven’t posted in two weeks! I have been working and planning for hours on coding some biomes/new maps in the small game. The world of Arnovia is flat and extremely small right now!. I’ve made my final decision to keep using c++. It gets pretty boring typing code but it gets exciting and embarrassing when you run the program to see what you did. I found a lot of bugs today. 😦

Blog Changes

  • I’m going to start doing Survivalcraft builds because it seems everyone is drifting away from it.
  • Does anyone want me to do c++ game developing tutorials for the blog?
  • The blog is changing its name!  🙂

Leaving Twitter Soon


Hey, I want to tell everyone that I will be leaving Twitter and most likely Instagram. First I would like to thank everyone who’s ever favorited my builds and gave me positive feedback. It’s what kept me going with my builds. I am choosing to leave twitter for a variety of reasons but one huge reason I would like to point out is, a person has been making various accounts tweeting me rude things and it’s been going on for almost a year and I don’t feel really safe. The second reason is, I have lost interest in twitter,Instagram, and kind of SC and MCPE. I won’t be leaving twitter until next month, December at most. I will miss all the people I’ve met and became friends with on twitter but it’s time for me to leave. Since I’m quitting twitter and Instagram, I am also quitting all my cities…

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Arnovia Wolves?


It probably won’t be in the first version of Arnovia, but its an awesome idea for the future of Arnovia 2-D! It would be hard for me to do it but they could attack enemies and hunt animals. I decided to to switch from the “c” programs and use Java again. I have also thought about working with other developers on Arnovia. Any easy ideas on what else I could add in the first version?Ex: Cats, bears, fish, water, sprinting, swimming…

100th Post!


That’s right! 100 posts since I started the blog. You also won’t believe it is the birthday of the blog too! It all began with Kaalus City! It has been fun building and exploring the Survivalcraft community with everyone! The 100th post will mean a lot of changes in my post. We will continue building in “the city” again soon. I will also start a modern war map. It has been fun! May hundreds more posts come!

This is a good chance to mention my facts about me for the Liebster Awards that Maggieblue9259 nominated me for.

My dream jobs are game developer, proffesional chef, and paid youtuber.

Hobbies: I enjoy video games
(Of course ;-P) I like being around animals, working out weekly, lifting weights whenever I can find a gym or someone who has weights, swimming, ground sports like basketball, tennis (seldom) and running around a track.

What country would I visit:
I would visit my two cousins in Japan. (Great video game artists btw) I realized that they speak plenty of english but I didn’t speak Japanese. I wanted to get closer to them so I started taking lessons last month. I can speak very little.

Favorite Game: If I told you I like Rockstar Games then you would think I like Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V is fun but it got old fast with so many players “over doing it”. You can barely get on the internet without seeing GTA V videos and forum posts. My favorite is an old 2011 game called Red Dead Redemption.


The western game storyline is just amazing with historic events/places, so many different animals, and enemies like robbers, theives,  gangs of desperado cowboys, cannibals and even military soldiers of the west.


There are even secret places on the game where you will sometimes see or hear ghosts in abandoned houses and a ship that players believe is haunted. It is a game that never grows old. Everyone loves the second version “Undead Nightmare”


when a zombie virus infects the planet and John Marston the main character of both games must survive and stop it from zombies. It also has legendary horses like zombie horse, “War the flaming horse ” and even unicorns.



There are two other creatures such as Bigfoot “Sasquatch” and Chupacabra in Mexico. 

I’m working on Arnovia 2D Alpha 0.1. It will just be a mini game with you fighting goblins. I’ve learned that I can make it available for pc and mobile Android.

Thanks for reading the 100th post!