Realms and Portals

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Portals as seen above are rare and randomly generated in the worlds. Realms are places you can’t reach in the  game’s natural world. You can only reach these unique places by portals. This portal has led to the Dark World.




Tsk Tsk

Disappointing news the last few posts and this one. Didn’t get too far in making the game called Arnovia. Mostly because I’ve been busy as hell… and I am a terrible game dev. Haven’t played/posted about Survivalcraft in awhile too. It reminded me when I saw the update notification on my phone lol.



Five Nights at Freddy’s Map

Download my Five Nights at Freddy’s map. You are stuck in the office with the “animatronics” outside walking different parts of the hallways. Instead of having cameras, you have motion detectors and a map of the building to see how close they are. Its night so they use their pathfinding to get to you. The power is down so you can only open the doors and turn on the hallway light a few times before something tries to kill you. You survive after every few game hours. Turn up volume to hear the creepy music. This isn’t another long adventure map, its a minigame.


Hard Work

I’ve barely worked on Arnovia at all this month. I was too busy studying for tests and finshing homework too do anything. Although, I did create a few new mobs that haven’t been added yet. I’m trying Unity3d again. For the last few days I’ve been using a c++ program called ‘Visual C++ Express 2008’. It seems to work better than the other Visual Express versions to me. I’m experiencing a few bugs that I don’t understand everytime I run the program. I don’t know if its something I’m doing with the player or the code but I’ve been trying to fix it since late November. The three new ones I’ve added are the werewolf (smallest werewolf), werewolf pack leader
(largest werewolf), and the phantom boss. I’ve enhanced the main character’s look by the way.

Survivalcraft City Downtown

I started making downtown this week. I made a giant Ferris-wheel but I destroyed it because it was too big. After that I made a failed attempt to build the tallest building on Earth in Dubai. I’m trying different texture packs. The building isn’t close to done. I still need to add a boat tunnel. The boats from the lake will come into a opening that goes underground. The boat tunnels will take you directly under the building so you can get in the cool way. 😛

When that’s done I’ll add a courtyard and fountains in the front. Every single room will be filled completely with furniture. When I’m done with this then we can start community building again!  😀

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