Hard Work

I’ve barely worked on Arnovia at all this month. I was too busy studying for tests and finshing homework too do anything. Although, I did create a few new mobs that haven’t been added yet. I’m trying Unity3d again. For the last few days I’ve been using a c++ program called ‘Visual C++ Express 2008’. It seems to work better than the other Visual Express versions to me. I’m experiencing a few bugs that I don’t understand everytime I run the program. I don’t know if its something I’m doing with the player or the code but I’ve been trying to fix it since late November. The three new ones I’ve added are the werewolf (smallest werewolf), werewolf pack leader
(largest werewolf), and the phantom boss. I’ve enhanced the main character’s look by the way.



  1. Hi, where do you get the software to create an app, I’ve been wanting to make one for a while, but don’t know where to start. BTW your game is looking good. 🙂

    1. Hey Phantom, sorry for replying late. If your’e making a game, the easiest way to make an app is to use Unity 3D. Unity 3D doesn’t require any code skills at all. Is the easiest and fastest way to make a game. An independent program to make any kind of app you want is C++. Search and download Visual C++ at Microsoft.com
      Download Dev C++ at bloodshed.net.
      You could also download different Java programs. C++ and Java both have coding to deal with. Good luck! 😉

  2. If you want to, I am looking for someone who can do coding for a game I am making. It is called Legends of and Ancient City, and if you want me to i can send you the file with all the information via email. I am doing the animation, but we really need someone who can code. Are you interested?

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